Advanced Exchange Program

for BOEING 737 Classic, NG, 757-200, and 767-200 aircraft fleets of any size

The Aircrafters, Inc. Advanced Exchange Program (AEP) was established to provide small fleet operators with a premium, flat rate or CPL (cost per landing) wheel and brake support program that includes structural and tires that are fully backed and certified airworthy by the original equipment manufacturer (OEM). We offer a program that protects our customers from secondary charges for “out of scope” support on any fully worn assembly. AEP contracted customers receive wheel and brake spares in advance of their anticipated need dates, and once installed, are entitled to use them for the full service life of the parts. The AEP program removes the guess work and upfront capital costs of owning wheels and brakes and provides the ability to receive spares up to 60 days in advance of installation. Our OEM certified wheel assemblies with tires installed are ready for shipment and aircraft installation.

All components are certified airworthy to United States Federal Aviation Agency (FAA) and EASA/JAA quality standards.

an employee organizes small products into boxes warehouse full of products employee arranges wheels inside of our warehouse