Inventory of Over 10,000 Aircraft Wheels and Aircraft Brakes

Aircrafters can supply all your needed aircraft overhaul components

Aircrafters, Inc. is a leading commercial aviation parts supplier with an active inventory of over 10,000 aircraft brakes, aircraft wheels, and tires (components and complete assemblies).

Why is that important?

In an age when manufacturers routinely quote full lead times for large commercial aircraft wheel and aircraft brake assemblies, as well as overhaul components for airlines and MROs, Aircrafters has been able to fill the need and have The Right Parts, Right Now.

Aircrafters, Inc. recognizes the urgent demand for aircraft components and complete assemblies and has successfully established an extensive industry leading inventory that is continually replenished and improved with demand levels continuously being reviewed to meet our customers’ changing requirements. Our inventory is listed on ILS (Inventory Locator Services), Aeroxchange and for your convenience and these listings are kept up-to-date with our highly advanced computer inventory tracking software. We know the status and precise location of every item in our inventory and its availability to you at all times. Moreover, we track all inbound material coming into stock, all parts out for overhaul, and all parts in transit for delivery to you.

Industry leading aircraft overhaul component inventory

Our inventory of thousands of aircraft wheel and aircraft brake assemblies supports the needs of the world’s commercial airline fleet and you can readily access it. We routinely ship overhauled units to trading partners including operators and repair stations at points worldwide and have done so since 1984. Operators benefit from our freshly tagged OEM overhauled units, providing the added security of warranty service at OEM centers around the world.

We acquire only known new and used aircraft parts and subject them and their documentation to rigorous examination and control inspections. We arrange any needed repair and overhaul with the utmost precision, and permit only those component parts and assemblies still fully fit and approved to reenter the aviation aftermarket.

An added value option to you is our ability to provide aircraft parts and assemblies as Factory New (FN) or Serviceable (SV) with most available for same day shipment.

Integrity, Honesty and an eagerness to fulfill our customer needs is something we have done for over 30 years.

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